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Steel drawing with more than 30 years of experience.

We supply bright and annealed steel to more than 47 countries around the world

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Tailor-made production

The production process is carried out pursuant to the needs and specifications of each client, customizing the diameter, resistance and elongation of the thread, as well as the dimensions, weight, finish and packaging of the coils. We adapt to the term and conditions of delivery requested by the customer.

Quality management

In order to provide a final product of the highest quality, we perform tensile tests in our testing laboratory to ensure that the drawn product complies with the mechanical properties pursuant to national and international reference standards.

Fast deliveries (just-in-time)

In addition to having machinery with high production capacity for steel drawing, our production plant is operational 24/7 to be able to offer the best deadlines to our customers and cover urgent shortages of material. We also have highly reliable suppliers.

Black annealed steel
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