In all our production processes we carry out continuous audits and reviews to reduce energy and gas consumption. Today we have a use of 15% and we have set ourselves the goal of reaching 19% during the year 2023.

In addition, our facilities and processes are being adapted to ensure maximum reuse and recovery of waste, improving our energy efficiency by 5% and reducing water consumption in wire drawing plants by 80%, thanks to the new bright steel plant that started production in November 2022.

Currently, 42% of our loads are carried by intermodal land transport, thus reducing delivery times and helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

One of our objectives for 2023 is to contribute to reforestation through maximum biodiversity and high ecological value. For this reason, our goal is to plant 100 trees per year for every 50,000 tons sold annually. For every hectare planted, we will capture around 200 tons of CO2, produce oxygen and impact soil fertility.


We fight climate change

We have implemented a reforestation project with maximum biodiversity and high ecological value with the objective of planting 200 trees per year for every 50,000 tons sold in order to help reduce our environmental impact.